mini book review – “Tesla: the Wizard of Electricity”

I love this beautiful book on Nikola Tesla by David J. Kent. Mr. Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in history, yet many people have never heard of him. This book does a wonderful job of introducing this eccentric genius to the general public – his upbringing and talents, his ideas and inventions, his unique and weird personality, his life from start to finish. It also includes two fascinating chapters on conspiracies after his death and his lasting legacies.

The author opens a door and introduces Mr. Tesla to the general public. The well written fluid text combined with various photos and illustrations are very effective in bringing Tesla the person to life. I hardly knew anything about him when I started, and felt I really knew this intriguing person when I finished. The whole reading experience was highly enjoyable.

This book would be a perfect gift to anyone (especially the young generation) who is interested in science and scientists, inventions and modern technology. I can say without hesitation that Nikola Tesla, brought alive by this book, will inspire followers from all over the world for many years to come.

Here is the author’s website


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