Learned a new phrase today…

So my boss at work visited my blog. This morning after we finished discussing a project via video conference, he said with a smile, “I have a bone to pick with you about your blog.”

You what? I have never heard of the phrase ‘have a bone to pick with’ before. Always being curious and not afraid to show my ignorance, I asked what he meant. He told me that this phrase dates back many centuries. When someone has a bone to pick with you it means that the person has something to talk to you about, usually not good, and he/she wants to debate until there is nothing left to argue about on the subject.

Okay. I see. So what do you want to say about my blog?

“You read. travel. play. feel. learn. How come I don’t see ‘work’?”

Uh oh.

I do have an answer though. I consider ‘work’ as an essential part of my life that doesn’t need special mentioning. I didn’t include ‘eat, drink, sleep, breathe’ in the list, did I? 🙂

Besides, I conduct all these five activities at work anyway – I read reports, travel for business trips, play with data, feel the challenges, and definitely keep learning. Never realized this until today! Life is good.

What do you think of my answer?



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