mini book review – “The Mind’s Eye”

I learned a lot from this fascinating book by Oliver Sacks about the complexity of our visual processing, through various captivating neurological disorder cases: a person who suddenly lost the ability to read even though he can still write; people who see perfectly well but are unable to recognize faces; someone who had no stereoscopy at all but gained the capability to see in 3-D later in life, etc. The author is a neurologist and practicing physician and he wrote these stories with so much compassion. In this book he also recounted his own battle with an eye tumor and the strange visual symptoms it caused. I have always taken for granted my ability to see and perceive, but now I appreciate that it is a very complicated process and many things could go wrong. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see the world through another person’s eyes, or rather, to process what my eyes see through another person’s brain.


One thought on “mini book review – “The Mind’s Eye”

  1. An intriguing idea – seeing through someone elses eyes. It sounds like an interesting book but my “to read” list is already bordering on insane so I’m not sure I’ll get to this one. Love how you write your reviews. 🙂

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