Travelogue (VI)

Hello again! I meant to attend to my blog sooner, but I have been busy catching up with work and other things after those busy trips in February. And my ‘milestone’ birthday came and went before I even got a chance to properly reflect! Oh well. Life is still good and I am still young. 🙂

After reading my travelogues, a few friends commented that they wish there were more photos and details from each place. Yes, I definitely plan to write about selected places, right after I am done with the lists. You see, ‘overview first, details on demand’ is a mantra in information visualization. 🙂


I went to New York City 14 times this year – made it to Silver/Gold/Premier/Select status in a couple of hotel chains, United Airlines and Amtrak. 🙂 Also discovered the Hell’s Kitchen area, which was one of the reasons why I gained so much weight. 😦 Other trips include –

  • Spent a weekend in Atlanta, mainly to see the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest exhibit with a huge 6.3 million-gallon-water tank accomodating several whale sharks. It was very cool.
  • Another road trip to New England. Stayed for a few days in Maine – Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, followed by a drive to Cape Cod.
  • October was almost as crazy as my recent back-to-back flights – I spent the first week in New York City, second week in London, third week in Washington DC, and fourth week in Beijing. 🙂 No new places or experiences though.
  • Asia trip – visited my family in Beijing and saw the Great Wall again. I also went to Shanghai on China’s new speed train (300+ km/h), and Xi’An to see Terra Cotta Warriors. Then spent a few days in Japan – Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I was very impressed with how polite and efficient Japanese were, and their wonderful train system, including Shinkansen. I was excited to see Geishas wandering on the street of Kyoto, and a glimpse of Mount Fuji from the airplane.

I started this post planning to include 2011-2013 altogether. But now I realize 2012 was sort of complicated, and including two more years would make this post too long. So the lazy me decided to do only one year at a time. Hope you don’t mind! Till next time…


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