mini book review – “Circle Trilogy”

Actually this post is going to include 3 super-mini book reviews – the wonderful Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker.

Black (Book I)

An amazing story of Thomas Hunter, whose life is stretched between two worlds. Every time he falls asleep in one reality, he awakes in the other. So which one is real and which one is a dream? Both worlds are in grave danger, and his choices matter. It is a fascinating story that captivated me from start to finish, and so much more – evil, love, rescue, faith, power…

Red (Book II)

The mind-bending pace of ‘Black’ accelerates in ‘Red’. Thomas Hunter’s story in his dreams and two realities continues. He is desperate to rescue both worlds from collapse and destruction. Is there even a solution? Nothing is as it seems, as Black turns into Red. And yet, as you read, you will find that the characters and plots are somehow familiar…

White (Book III)

In this final book of the Trilogy, Thomas Hunter still switches back and forth between two different worlds through the gateway in his dreams. Time is running out in both realities, and the fate of both worlds comes down to his choice. Can Thomas Hunter rewrite history? Good ending to a great series. The deeper meaning becomes clear long after the story is finished.



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