A Day Trip with My Mom

Today is Mother’s Day – a perfect time to share a day trip that I took with my mom in the fall of 2011 when I went back to China to visit. At my mom’s suggestion, we went to a park called ‘red leaf hillside’ in the suburbs of Beijing. This is the sign near the entrance:IMG_4865

We had nice views of the Great Wall, although it was not accessible.



But there were plenty of trails to hike on:


Different views of the Great Wall. As you can see, this section was pretty worn out and would not be safe to walk on.


My mom and I behind the red leaves:


Here is my mom having fun hiking. I was very impressed that at age 66, she appeared to be in a better shape than me after hiking for 3 hours.


We had lots of fun that day, not to mention the good exercise. My mom was happy and proud that I, a ‘world traveler’ in her eyes, really enjoyed this place that she brought me to visit. Interestingly, I have only been to the Great Wall twice, and both times I was with my mom. I will always cherish the quality time we spent together.

I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!!


3 thoughts on “A Day Trip with My Mom

  1. Good pictures. Wei, Justin and I are going back to Beijing in Oct. We will go to Great Wall too. This is will be my first time.

    • Cool! I went to this park in late October. It has great view but no access to the Great Wall. You will need to go to a different section to be able to walk on it. 🙂

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