Happy Birthday to My Niece

My niece Jiaxin turns 12 today (May 18th, Beijing Time). I created a birthday card on Snapfish using photos of her. She just sent me a message telling me she loves it! 🙂 Happy Birthday!!


No doubt her parents and grandma will bring her to her favorite restaurant (a hotpot place, I think. I really like it there myself, where waiters carry iPads and customers can put in orders themselves). After the meal, she would ask for a fancy birthday cake. I hope she will have a wonderful celebration today!

Jiaxin is such a sweet, beautiful, smart, and happy kid. The first time I saw her, she was 3. We immediately bonded and played happily together. Since then, I saw her every one or two years when I went back to China to visit, and enjoyed every minute we spent together. Both my mom and my sister said that she reminds them of me in a lot of ways – she loves reading and drawing, is left-handed, and plays games in the exact same position as I do.

She is going to middle school this fall. It is a very good school and she was admitted after a tough competition with about 2000 kids. Only 10% of them will get in and Jiaxin ranked 3rd in the exams and interviews. I am so proud of her! Wish her a very happy birthday, a wonderful well-deserved summer break, and a bright fantastic future.


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