Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is probably the most popular and photogenic castle in the world. It was commissioned by the crazy King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the late 1800’s. Only a few miles from Füssen, Germany, it receives millions of visitors every year. It ranked top on my bucket list for many years until I finally went there in 2010 as part of my road trip in central Europe. Needless to say, I was very excited.

RSRSPicture 604

David and I left Munich in the morning and were on the road for about 1.5 hours. We knew we were getting close when we saw this street sign. So we turned left onto the famous ‘Romantic Road’.

RSRSPicture 497

As we were heading towards our destination, David said, ‘hey, there is a castle’. I exclaimed, ‘Wait! This is MY castle…’. We stopped so I can capture my first view of this place that fascinated me for many years. It is a bit too far and difficult to see though.

RSRSPicture 502

Before our tour started at the Neuschwanstein Castle, we walked to the nearby Hohenschwangau Castle, which is quite charming as well.

RSRSPicture 510

Then finally, my dream castle… admired it near and far, inside and out. Of course, it was not allowed to take pictures inside, so you will have to go there to see for yourself. 🙂 It was magnificent. And you can’t find a single drop of blood in all the battle scenes in the wall paintings and frescos.

RSRSPicture 563 RSRSPicture 571 RSRSPicture 592 RSRSPicture 625 RSRSPicture 627

In order to get the view in the first photo of this post, you will have to stand on this overlook bridge. Very cool, isn’t it?

RSRSPicture 580

The surroundings are very peaceful and beautiful. Being there, looking at the castles and mountains and lakes, I felt surreal, like a fairy tale finally came true.

RSRSPicture 579

We stayed at the lovely town of Füssen afterwards. A hearty meal with German beer, a lazy stroll on the nice, quiet streets. The day was just perfect.



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