The Tulips of Skagit Valley

Today is Father’s Day – a special time to remember those fun places my dad and I visited together, and all the great moments we shared. We didn’t travel much in China, but we definitely caught up in 2002, when my parents visited me for 6 months. They had so much fun touring the country – Seattle, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Mount Rainier NP, Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP, Niagara Falls… However, the place I am sharing today is less known yet so beautiful.

Every spring, there is a Tulip Festival in Washington State, about an hour north of Seattle. Here was me with my parents there, 12 years ago! Note the tulips in different color stripes in the background.


The hundreds of acres of vivid colors are simply amazing. A few more views to give you an idea of its scale.

100-0051_IMG  101-0101_IMG   100-0037_IMG


In addition to these large fields of tulips, there are small groups of different varieties as well.


I was way too excited when I first set eyes on these beautiful scenes that I took hundreds of photos. My dad, always being rational and practical, kept reminding me to keep an eye on the camera’s battery. I didn’t really take his advice seriously as I ran around taking pictures. Guess what, when at last we came to a small garden where all the rare species resided (e.g. black tulips), my camera lost power. Among my heavy sighs, my dad smiled with mischief in his eyes, as if to say, ‘see, I told you!’

We had such a good time that day. Even though my dad is no longer with me, I will always remember his love, his wisdom, and his sense of humor. Happy Father’s day, dad!



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