Spend a day in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) is located in the northwest of Belgium. It is a nice place to spend a day walking around, and that’s what we did.

After getting off the train, we randomly picked a direction and started walking. We knew there was a market square like almost every city/town in Europe, and a pretty famous tower. We thought this was it…

RSRSPicture 007RSRSPicture 028

But we were wrong. So after admiring Saint Salvator’s Cathedral (as it turned out to be), we turned the other direction in search of the tower (Belfry). Here it was at last…

RSRSPicture 086RSRSPicture 041

We climbed up many stairs to the top and got wonderful views of the city and surroundings, not to mention the good exercise.

RSRSPicture 064

Back to the ground level, we walked around the Markt (market square), had lunch in a street-side cafe, marvelled at the beautifully decorated buildings, and watched people.

RSRSPicture 071RSRSPicture 042RSRSPicture 085

In the afternoon we walked along the canals enjoying a moment of quiet and peace.

RSRSPicture 106RSRSPicture 096RSRSPicture 112

This concluded a wonderful day in Bruges. Perhaps it is a good time to watch the movie ‘In Bruges’ just to admire the scenaries once again on screen. 🙂



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