Peaceful and Beautiful

Rockport, Massachusetts is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Boston, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very nice town to spend a day walking around, checking out shops, and smelling the sea. This is probably the most popular view of its inner harbor, with the red fish shack “Motif #1”:


There are lots of boats on the water, but it is such a serene picture. I could feel my breaths get deeper and brain activities slow down, just to fully absorb the calmness.


We walked around in the famous art area called “Bearskin Neck”, a collection of little shops full of one-of-a-kind items from local artists. As we got hungry, we found a restaurant to have lunch (seafood, of course). And this is the view from the table:


Needless to say, the lunch took a lot longer than usual. We were in no hurry to depart. Before we left, I took another look at Motif #1:


And the water and the boats:


Rockport is definitely one of those places that you simply wish to stay a little longer… Who knows, I might come back here one day and stay for a month, writing my book. 🙂






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