mini book review – “The Book Thief”

I finished reading ‘The Book Thief’, with tears in my eyes. I was so deeply touched that I couldn’t even find the right words to write a review. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

It is a story that covers four years of a girl’s life, who was adopted by an ordinary family in a small town outside Munich in Nazi-Germany during the World War II. Certainly it was a very heavy and tragic time, yet my heart was warmed again and again by the unforgettable characters, the love and friendship, the small pleasures in life, the power of words and music. No matter how dark and evil the world is, it could never quench the sparkles of humanity and kindness.

The story is told by Death himself, who offers very unique perspectives on many things, in a beautiful poetic language. It is just a small story, really, yet its power touches your soul. Highly recommend to everyone, but especially book lovers and writers.

The picture below is from the movie, which is also very good. But even if you have already watched the movie, you should still read the book – it offers so much more.

The Book Thief


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