Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving again and time to count our blessings. At this moment my heart is filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for the beautiful nature that accommodates us – the sun and moon and stars, mountains, oceans, creeks, trees, flowers, birds, squirrels…

I am grateful for the mysteries that we don’t understand and the problems we can’t solve. Pursuing and seeking and learning keep us alive and excited and motivated going into the future.

I am grateful for the musicians, singers, dancers, artists, writers, producers, actors, etc. Their talents and work bring so much beauty and enjoyment to my life. My heart is often touched and brain massaged – much needed after dealing with numbers all day long.

I am grateful for my love, my family, and my friends, who are always there for me. They cheer me on when I fail and celebrate with me when I succeed. They share my laughters and tears.

I am grateful for myself and all the things happened to me, good or bad. The experiences mold my characters and affect how I think and feel today. I cherish the memories and they are all part of me.

I am grateful for the simple pleasures and small surprises in daily life – a glass of wine, a message from an old friend. I am glad I have hope for tomorrow and there are a few things that I’m really looking forward to.

I am grateful for another year walking with Jesus. He carried me through when I felt totally hopeless, He lifted me up when I was in despair. His love is the ultimate source of my peace and joy and comfort and strength and gratitude.


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