Spindrift Inn in Monterey, CA

As I am searching hotels online for the upcoming Florida trip, my mind keeps wandering to this beautiful hotel in Monterey, CA that we stayed for one night this summer. It was a clear case of exceeding expectations.

Spindrift Inn is a boutique and romantic hotel that sits at the center of Cannery Row. As we approached it, driving along crowded streets with cars parked tightly on both sides, we were a bit worried where to put our car. It was a relief to see the empty space right in front of the hotel door, reserved for valet parking. Very good first impression!

The lobby certainly looked cozy and nice. The staff was friendly and cheerful, recommended lunch places nearby, and told us about their afternoon wine and cheese reception. So we made sure to come back in time to have a good drink of local wines.



The hotel room was one of those that made me say ‘wow’ as I came in. The first view that greeted us was this:


Granted that it was not an ocean view room, but we could see the ocean from a side window on the right. We opened the windows to let in the fresh air and the sounds of waves and seagulls.

The bed looked quite inviting.


And there was a wood-burning fireplace.


We had lots of fun in Monterey that afternoon, including a refreshing long walk along the ocean, and a surprising 64 oz. huge cocktail at dinner. After a good night’s sleep, here came our breakfast (included), delivered to the room on a silver plate at our specified time. What more could you ask?


We had to resume our journey after breakfast. We wished we could stay there longer. Monterey was a beautiful place, and this lovely hotel made our time there even more memorable. It was not extravagant, but very comfortable and intimate. Who knows, we might decide to go back one day, just to stay again at Spindrift Inn. Yes, it was that good.


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