A Good 2014, A Better 2015

Thinking back, I accomplished quite a few things in 2014 outside work. I read 40 books and watched 36 movies; I published 50 posts here viewed by people from 35 countries; I visited a new country Argentina and it was the first time I ever set foot to the south of equator; I checked off 3 National Parks from my list; I started painting (Chinese brush, watercolor, Acrylic); and I lost about 5 lbs. All in all I am glad how the year turned out.

Here are a few things on my to-do list for 2015, in addition to the daily routine:

  • Read 45 books, at least 12 of them have to be from my book shelves at home
  • Visit at least 3 new countries and 2 new National Parks
  • Join a gym and swim twice a week, try to add in one class as well
  • Publish at least 50 posts on this blog
  • Do at least 5 paintings. Small exercise pieces don’t count
  • Learn to cook at least 3 new dishes that I feel comfortable sharing with others

Happy New Year, everyone! Looking forward to a wonderful and exciting 2015!



2 thoughts on “A Good 2014, A Better 2015

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