Southern Florida Trip Brief

Several days have passed since I returned from my week-long trip in southern Florida. I should have posted something right away, but I kept hoping to write about the full itinerary accompanied by beautiful photos. The reality was that I just couldn’t find the time to load and sort through the 800+ photos. Now with a business trip coming up and a fast-growing to-do list, this “wonderful post” that I envisioned won’t happen for at least another week. So I decided to write a brief for the time being.

As it turned out, Jan 7th to 13th was the perfect week to visit Florida. The arctic blast made the whole nation icy “blue” except for where we were, enjoying temperatures in the comfortable range of 70-80F. It took us a while to get used to a place like this, being surrounded by ice and snow just a few hours ago:


New places / experiences from this trip:

  • Three new National Parks: Everglades, Biscayne, Dry Tortugas
  • Two new airports: Miami, Key West
  • First time to get on a glass-bottom boat to see coral reefs and other marine lives
  • First time to get on a seaplane, departed and landed both on ground and water
  • First time to taste alligator (fried, sauteed, sausage)
  • First time to see many birds up-close: Wood Stork, Anhinga, Egret, Great blue heron, etc.

I have many photos to share for each of the above, but they have to wait for another time. Sigh. Too much to do, too little time… For now I will just show a natural bird and a man-made bird. 🙂




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