Happy Chinese New Year!

This year February 19th is the New Year’s Day in the Lunar calendar, so tonight is the New Year’s Eve. Of course, the ‘Eve’ in China is actually the morning here in US. When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by hundreds of ‘Happy New Year’s (texts, images, animations, voices) in my various WeChat groups – middle school class, high school class, university class, family, and two groups of Chinese friends in US. Even though I am far away from China and my family & friends there, modern technology makes me feel closely connected with them all. I just had enough time to add my own greetings to each of these groups before getting up and ready for a team meeting at work.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. Every year the largest human migration takes place when students, workers, employees make their journey home to be with their families for a week or two. Usually there is a feast on New Year’s Eve – people gather in front of the TV to watch the National Performance, or play Mahjong, or drink and chat. They usually eat dumplings at midnight when the year changes, and there are a lot of fireworks.

There has been some confusion in English translation of whether this is the year of ram, goat, or sheep. In Chinese it is the Year of Yang, a general term that doesn’t really specify which kind of horned animal. I don’t think it matters. 🙂

Tomorrow I will eat some dumplings. One of these years I will go back to China to have a proper New Year celebration. It would likely be my first time in two decades. Sigh.



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