Had Fun in Bratislava, Slovakia

In the summer of 2010, David and I did a wonderful road trip in central Europe: Bratislava (Slovakia) > Vienna (Austria) > Munich (Germany) > Fussen (Germany) > Salzburg (Austria) > Ljubljana (Slovenia) > Budapest (Hungary) > Bratislava. Even though the time was short by anybody’s standard (a total of 8 days), we had great fun. Going through the photos still brings a huge smile on my face.

We flew into Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. According to Wikipedia, it is the only national capital that borders two independent countries (Austria and Hungary). Here we picked up our cute rental car.

RSRSPicture 121RSRSPicture 119

The weather seemed to be very nice – off we go! The first challenge was to find our hotel. We didn’t have a GPS so we had to do this on our own. We figured out that the hotel should be on the other side of the Danube River, so let’s find a beautiful bridge to cross.

RSRSPicture 123

As we were driving, not exactly knowing where we were, “oh look!”, the sign of our hotel appeared right in front of our eyes. We happily pulled into the hotel’s parking area, only to realize we had a new problem. How the hell to put the car in reverse? David tried it in different ways and was able to get the 5 shifts, just not the ‘R’. Apparently we wouldn’t be able to do the road trip without being able to back out the car. We decided to take the car back to the airport before it gave us too much trouble. Before long, when we had to stop at a traffic light, David handled the stick a little differently, maybe pushed a bit harder than usual, and suddenly it was in ‘R’! We laughed like crazy, made a U-turn back to the hotel, glad we were spared a potential embarrassment.

It was a nice and warm afternoon. We went out for a walk in the neighborhood. First stop was the Bratislava Castle:

RSRSPicture 137

From there, a great view of the ‘UFO’ bridge:

RSRSPicture 132

St. Michael’s Gate in the Old Town:

RSRSPicture 167

Primate’s Palace:

RSRSPicture 186

Interesting sculptures on the streets:

RSRSPicture 199

RSRSPicture 195

A nice stroll, a good beer, a delicious dinner, and an exciting park concert later, we settled in our hotel room, with a wonderful night view of the castle.

RSRSPicture 222

What a fun time in Bratislava, a good beginning of our week-long adventures. More about this trip in later posts. 🙂 🙂


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