Eighteen Years

I haven’t posted much in recent months, but it was constantly on my mind that “I should write something”. I decided to be more disciplined from now on and post at least once a week. There are so many photos and books and thoughts to share. 🙂

Three days ago (August 8th) was the 18th anniversary of my coming to the United States. The day whizzed by without my even realizing it, between reading manuscripts and dealing with the recently-crashed laptop. But yesterday I did get a chance to commemorate with a few old friends, who also came to US, George Mason University to be exact, 18 years ago.


About 20 of us Chinese students, in our early-to-mid twenties, started graduate school in the fall of 1997. A loose group of us had lots of fun together – taking long lunch breaks on campus during weekdays, eating and drinking and playing cards on weekends. We hiked, we went to beach, we watched air show. We were roommates at one time or another. We went through the same process as we settled down, from learning how to drive to finding a job to applying for Green Card to buying a house. We helped each other out. We laughed and cried together. I felt so lucky to have such a group of friends at a place that was thousands of miles away from home at a time when international calls costed $0.76 a minute.

We survived and we prospered.

As years went by and each had his/her own family, we didn’t get together as often but the connection was never lost. Some of us moved away but we manage to meet whenever someone is in town. We catch up on our lives and talk about old friends and wonder how time flies. We did just that last night at our “Girls Night Out”. Of course, after a good meal in a fine restaurant, we drank and played cards for old time’s sake. Such a fun evening!


Yeah tonight can we just hold on to those 18 years


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