My LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn Network

While I was doing research on ways to analyze LinkedIn data, I came across Socilab, a cool site that does LinkedIn network visualization and analysis. So I got distracted and created a ‘map’ of my 441 contacts. It is quite interesting, even though I haven’t seen “small world” surprises such as “wow, my high school friend knows my coworker”.

There are several clusters among my contacts. The dense and fairly closed network at the upper left is made up of my colleagues at the QUEST group where I worked for 8 years. The distinct group to its right on the top includes my colleagues at the Strategy team where I am currently working. Since they belong to the same company, it is not surprising that there are quite a few connections between these two groups.

The small cluster in the middle of the graph has professors at GMU where I got my degrees. They were connected to my office contacts via a few industry leaders and popular authors, or their contacts/students that were interviewed at the firm.

Below these professors are mostly their students that lead to the bottom part of the network – my Chinese friends in US. The big chunk in the middle are those who graduated from GMU and were also part of the Chinese Christian’s community at one time or another. The ‘loose’ network on the lower left has my high school/college friends from China that are currently in US. To the right of the middle blob is the ‘non-religious’ Chinese friends group from GMU, a few of them are connected to my boyfriend (the pink dot as a bridge) and thru him a group of his coworkers and a few of our family members.

The dozen or so contacts on the top right connected among themselves like a flower are interesting. I don’t know any of them in person, they must have found me thru a mailing list or something, since a few of them seem to know one another.

And there are all the singletons on the side – some of them do belong to one of the big clusters but they are not connected with anyone yet. Likely they set up a LinkedIn account and never did anything with it. Maybe it is time to drop them a note. 🙂

This is fun! Okay, time to get back to work.

P.S. The contact names are included in the network map generated. I didn’t include them in this post to keep privacy.


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