Checklist Before Starting A Trip

checklistI wrote a post a while ago about the five steps involved in most trips. Now seems to be a good time to put together a travel checklist so that I don’t need to write it out every time I am about to start a trip.

Assuming the first three steps (decide on destination, draft trip plan, make arrangements) are already done a month in advance (as they should be), it is a good idea to double check everything a week before the trip. Make sure every leg of the transportation and every hotel room is booked.

The day before the trip starts:

  • Print out all the booking confirmations and related information
  • Check weather forecast for the places in the trip
  • Pack (appropriate clothes, shoes, toiletries, camera and charger, books, medications, maybe also swim suit? hat? sun block? binoculars? umbrella? laptop?)
  • Figure out which credit cards to bring (no foreign transaction fees? corporate card if on business trip? reward cards for certain airline or hotel chain?)
  • Get cash (if needed)
  • Wrap up for work – backup files, activate out-of-office notice, do time sheets
  • Deactivate seller account on Amazon
  • Find passport, currency, power adapter (if to a foreign country)
  • Hold mail at post office (if the trip is longer than a week)
  • Run the dishwasher (if needed)

If it is a road trip, then add the following:

  • Print out driving directions and bring maps as backup (in case GPS navigation doesn’t work)
  • Pick up rental car (if applicable)
  • Bring EZ Pass, USB adapter, cooler, CDs to listen to in the car

If travel by air, then add the following:

  • Check in for flights
  • Reserve Taxi ride to airport

Before leaving home on the day the trip starts:

  • Set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature
  • Water plants
  • Take out trash
  • Unplug
  • Make sure water/gas is shut off, windows/doors are closed/locked

Have a nice trip!


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