Crisis, and Chinese Wisdom

jfk-crisis-danger-and-opportunityThe Chinese word for “crisis” is 危机. It consists of two characters: 危 (danger); and 机 (opportunity). Ancient Chinese already knew that there was an opportunity in every crisis, no matter how dangerous it seemed at first. Great wisdom.

Interestingly, I first learned about this awesome insight regarding “crisis” in Chinese from a British woman several years ago, who was our facilitator at a team training session. After she mentioned how Chinese interpreted crisis, I frowned my eyebrows and tried to retrieve the word – as I never heard of this saying before. Then it dawned on me that they were indeed the meanings of the two separate characters, and I was amazed. Later she asked me to write down the Chinese characters for her repertoire, and told me that she got really nervous when she saw the doubt on my face, thinking “OMG, here is someone who knows Chinese, hope I didn’t get it wrong!”

When crisis comes, let’s remind ourselves – there is an opportunity behind the danger, don’t miss it!

[Daily Post – Crisis]


2 thoughts on “Crisis, and Chinese Wisdom

  1. This is interesting! Thanks for sharing this. Even we can find opportunity and danger at the same time, right?
    I don’t know Chinese but I know that some characters have “hidden meaning”. I’ll read more about it 🙂

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