I don’t take photos of people much, but here are a few that really touch me. Hope you like them as much as I do.

The first one is from a hiking trip on Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. The trail is about 7 miles round-trip with elevation of 2,200 ft. There is 1 mile of rock scramble near the peak and that is where this photo was taken.img_2330They are my friends and they are happy. I believe they will share the burdens of daily life together, with cheerfulness in their hearts and smiles on their faces…

I have been to Chicago twice and found myself in heavy rain both times. They are my friends as well, walking ahead of me in the stormy downtown.yellowstone_0530-003Yes, hold each other and hold tight, never let go. Walk together, step by step, through the calm, through the storm…

This next one was from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It is where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia meet. It is also the intersection of Potomac River and Shenandoah River, a beautiful place.img_1094I like the color of this photo, as well as the lyrics of a Chinese song that always comes to my mind when I see it. “Growing old together is the most romantic thing that I can think of”. Two hearts become harmonious after so many years together – they can communicate without saying a word. Just sit in a park, on a beach, or in rocking chairs at their front porch, feel and enjoy…

I like trees, and I like these two standing in Stanley Park of Vancouver, BC, Canada. img_3658It is beautiful (maybe a little sad) to stay like this. Always together, forever apart…

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Crisis, and Chinese Wisdom

jfk-crisis-danger-and-opportunityThe Chinese word for “crisis” is 危机. It consists of two characters: 危 (danger); and 机 (opportunity). Ancient Chinese already knew that there was an opportunity in every crisis, no matter how dangerous it seemed at first. Great wisdom.

Interestingly, I first learned about this awesome insight regarding “crisis” in Chinese from a British woman several years ago, who was our facilitator at a team training session. After she mentioned how Chinese interpreted crisis, I frowned my eyebrows and tried to retrieve the word – as I never heard of this saying before. Then it dawned on me that they were indeed the meanings of the two separate characters, and I was amazed. Later she asked me to write down the Chinese characters for her repertoire, and told me that she got really nervous when she saw the doubt on my face, thinking “OMG, here is someone who knows Chinese, hope I didn’t get it wrong!”

When crisis comes, let’s remind ourselves – there is an opportunity behind the danger, don’t miss it!

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The Southernmost Place I Have Ever Visited

That would be the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina that I visited in February 2014. It is still a few hundred miles north of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, but it is already “more South” than the tip of South Africa and New Zealand.


A detailed post with beautiful photos and more information about this amazing Glacier can be found here.

This is what I wrote right after returning from the trips two years ago… It was an exciting experience. How time flies! Looking forward to returning to South America in the near future.

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A Foggy Night

Fog, heavy fog everywhere. Want to cut it into pieces and throw them away.

The road ahead is hidden, like my unknown future.

Can’t see the ups and downs and twists at all; can’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Go by faith, live by faith. Trust there is a way even when I can’t see it. Know the sun is still shining behind the dark clouds. Believe in a better future.

I have more dreams than memories. It has to be a good thing.




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My Clean Desk!

My desk is no longer messy, by my standard anyway. I just cleaned it up two nights ago. Here is a photo to prove it. 🙂


Well, maybe it is not as tidy as I would like, but much better already. There used to be a paper pile taller than the screen behind my laptop, and you couldn’t even see the surface of the desk at all. So much better now.

You see, I work from home most of the time. Naturally, there are all the work related things within my reach – laptop, mouse, headphones (for video conferences), books, notes, securID (for login), pen, stylus, coffee mug, etc. And, believe me, there are more books and papers on the chair next to me, and on the floor all around me. I am quite happy within this little world as my brain cells get their daily exercises, just need to be careful of the buried power cords when I try to walk away…

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Two Big Trees

I take lots of photos when I travel, and unlike most tourists, I don’t like to put myself into a beautiful scenary or stand by a famous landmark and ask others to take a photo of me. It is not important for me to collect evidence that “I have been there”, I would rather record the surroundings as my eyes saw them, and store the feelings in my memory.

That said, now I am going to share two photos, both with myself in it. Interestingly, they were taken 11 years apart, yet my postures were very similar. 🙂 You might have guessed, I put myself in the pictures mainly to show the size of the trees.

This was me, in an ancient forest in Olympic National Park, Washington in the spring of 2003, with the trunk of a huge tree. It was impossible to take in the whole tree.


This was me, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014, with a very cool tree in Plaza San Martin de Tours. There are quite a few such trees around – aren’t they simply amazing?


Looking at myself in these pictures, I see quite a bit of change over the span of 11 years. I think it is for the better. On second thought, there might be some value in taking pictures of myself after all.

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