Games (Part II)

Games (Part I)

Push BoxAnother game I liked a lot was “Push Box”. The goal was simple – figure out how to move the boxes to the target locations by pushing them. Some levels were quite difficult indeed and required lots of brain power. This game was quite revealing of different personalities and styles – some people thought ahead and plotted all the moves in their head first; while others just started pushing and restarted whenever a box reached a dead end.

Computer hardware and software progressed rapidly, and the image and sound quality of games improved accordingly. I tried out many games but none held my interest for long. I vaguely remember capsules and virtual cops and missiles and sim cities. Every time I went back to China, my niece also introduced new games for us to play. I really enjoyed those precious moments when we laughed and screamed together.

I had a Palm Pilot for a while, the early primitive black-and-white version. Sometimes during my long commute, I played sub-hunt. It was a simple and boring game. Thinking back, I really should have read books instead. Then came Xbox with awesome games. Their effects and sceneries were comparable to movies. Fortunately, I didn’t indulge too much on them due to my neck/shoulder problems. Wii became available after that. At least Wii games involved physical exercises, be it tennis or golf or bowling or yoga or other body-moving fun activities. I really enjoyed it for quite a while, until my interest waned. I am considering picking it up again.

SONY PSPIn 2009, a good friend lent me a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for about two months, which reminded me of the hand-held Tetris console in the old days, only with much better high-quality games. Again, I kept refreshing my own top scores. I believe various records on that little machine are still mine even today.

So far, I had been playing solo most of the time. If people wanted to play together, they needed to show up at the same location. For example, boxing on Wii. With faster internet and all-time connections, game-playing began to reach a new level. The social aspect of games became more important. I started to play on Facebook by accepting friends’ invitations and challenges – Bejeweled Blitz, World Traveler IQ, Kitchen Scramble, Candy Crush, etc. Competing, helping, and making new friends added a lot more fun to these online games.

Next up, as you might have guessed, were those addictive games on smart phones and tablets. To be continued…