Two Big Trees

I take lots of photos when I travel, and unlike most tourists, I don’t like to put myself into a beautiful scenary or stand by a famous landmark and ask others to take a photo of me. It is not important for me to collect evidence that “I have been there”, I would rather record the surroundings as my eyes saw them, and store the feelings in my memory.

That said, now I am going to share two photos, both with myself in it. Interestingly, they were taken 11 years apart, yet my postures were very similar. 🙂 You might have guessed, I put myself in the pictures mainly to show the size of the trees.

This was me, in an ancient forest in Olympic National Park, Washington in the spring of 2003, with the trunk of a huge tree. It was impossible to take in the whole tree.


This was me, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014, with a very cool tree in Plaza San Martin de Tours. There are quite a few such trees around – aren’t they simply amazing?


Looking at myself in these pictures, I see quite a bit of change over the span of 11 years. I think it is for the better. On second thought, there might be some value in taking pictures of myself after all.

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Travelogue (III)

Bitterly cold outside. A few inches of snow on the deck. I switch between typing on my laptop and holding a mug of hot tea. As usual, recalling the past times and amazing places and old friends and fun stories puts a smile on my face.

2003 – I went on a business trip to Kansas City, MO. At my colleague’s suggestion, we flew with Midwest Airlines and got quite a few pleasant surprises. Once there, we crossed the MO/KS state line multiple times to commute between offices. Throughout the year I made a few trips to Seattle, during one of which I visited Olympics National Park and had such a wonderful time – snow-capped mountains, beach, and rain forest, all in one park.

2004 – Another 3000-mile road trip from Seattle to Washington, DC. On the way I visited Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park (so foggy that I only saw the feet of the mountains), Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Chicago (heavy rain again so I still didn’t see much), and Pittsburgh. A trip to San Francisco (again) for a church retreat at the end of the year.

2005 – A China trip immediately after receiving my Green Card (saw my 3-year-old niece for the first time). A short visit to Detroit and Ann Arbor in July. Joint Statistical Meetings in Minneapolis in August. Then two road trips – to Boston in November (got my first and only speeding ticket in the morning of the Thanksgiving Day), and to St. Louis and Kansas City in December. These trips were very different in terms of purposes and people involved, but each was fun in its own way.

Okay, that is enough travel for today. The next travelogue will start with my road trip in Canada. Stay tuned. 🙂